short introduction into the goal of

Key servers wanting to join the service should be willing to comply with the charter:

joining PGP.NET


information services

who decide about new members

If all the above are acceptable (or you want to discuss them), and you would like to add your server to one of the domains, you should contact:

criteria for new members


administrative support

before joining

technical steps to prepare inclusion

getting the software

testing the new server

duties for members

returning standard help text

Sites participating should return the standard help text(s) for the domain concerned. For,, and other English Speaking countries, this may just be the default, English text. However, all servers must also respond to "HELP NO" with the Norwegian text.

synchronization with either:

To ensure that the returned information is up to date, and that ADD requests propagate, all servers should sync with at least 3 (?) other servers

one (1) other server

all (n) other server

additions to sync lists

returning a correct From: line (not [xx.]

informing other administrators about changes


language support for help text

We are keen to make the HELP text page available in as many laanguages as possible, so any offers of translations are greatfully accepted. Ideally we would like a URL of the definative version, but failing that, we can make do with a copy on HTML version are welcome as well as plain text versions.

We also need a few bits of glue for the other pages. One is some text to put at the top of all other pages to indicate how to get the page using email and the Web, e.g. for English we have:
English: For an English version of this text please send a mail with a subject line of "HELP" to, or access the URL

We also need a suitable name for the languiage to appear in the list
The currently available languages for the help text are:

dealing with problems

replacing MX records during down time

replacing MX records if administration is not done

server administrators ignoring the charter

New domains

Before advertising a new domain, we would like to be reasonably sure that there is likley to be continued availability of at least one server for that domain. Once a domain has been announced, it should persist indefinately. If there is an unexpecetd problem, we can make a domian point to a server not in that domain, but we would prefer not to do that routinely. As such, creating a new domain requires a bit more than joining an exsisting domain.
Piete Brooks
Wed Feb 28 22:23:04 GMT 1996